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Personalized House Shaped Keychain

Personalized House Shaped Keychain

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Keychain Dimensions:
❁ 1.3" wide x 1.4" tall x ~0.125" thick

❁ Single-Sided (Engraving on only ONE side of the keychain) - $8.00
❁ Double-Sided (Engraving on BOTH the front and back of the keychain) - $10.00

Wood Types:
❁ Bolivian Rosewood
❁ White Oak
❁ Padauk

Please note that just as with all wood types, each piece is unique in grain pattern and color (ranging from light to dark, even within the same piece of wood), and may contain slight imperfections. The keychains you receive may not look exactly like the ones in the listing photos.

❁ Please leave us a detailed description of what you'd like engraved on the front and/or back of the keychain.

Interested in buying in bulk? If you are interested in purchasing more than 5 keychains, please contact us for discounted BULK PRICING.

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