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Desert Ironwood Wood Ring - Mountains Outline

Desert Ironwood Wood Ring - Mountains Outline

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This listing is for a Desert Ironwood Wood Ring engraved with a Mountain Outline.

Wood Type:

Desert Ironwood color ranges from an orangish yellow to a darker red or brown, with darker violet to black streaks. Some pieces may be almost entirely black.

Ring Sizing:

✱ Sizes: 4 US -15 US in 1/4 sizes

Note: It's very important that you get sized at a jeweler. Do not trust the print out or flexible ring sizers. These wood rings can NOT be resized. When at the jeweler, get sized in a ring the same width you'd like to purchase from our shop.  

✱ Width: 5mm - 11mm in 1/2mm increments

Ring Personalization:

✱ This ring will come with a mountain outline engraved on the outside of the ring.

✱ Additional personalization can be added to the outside of the ring only. The personalization will be added on the opposite side of the trees. Please let us know what you'd like engraved, in the personalization box. 

✱ We are able to engrave lettering (i.e. initials, important date, name(s), important word), as well as most simple symbols/designs (i.e. ♡ ♫ ☺ ★ ✝ ❤ ✿ ☮).

Feel free to message us your design idea, and we can let you know whether or not it will work!

Each ring is hand sanded and polished and then finished with our jojoba oil and wax mixture. It will come ready to be gifted in a small box, with soft cotton padding.

Wood Ring FAQs -

How long will the rings last?
✱ It's hard to say. The rings are very tough, but will never be as strong as a metal ring. With some extra care, they should last quite a while. See below for care instructions.

Can you engrave on the inside of the ring?
✱ Unfortunately we can only engrave on the outside of the rings.

Why did my ring break?
✱ Wood is a tricky material. Sometimes, the wood can be a little too wet and during shipment it can dry out and cause a crack. Other times, there can be microcracks in the block of wood that we make the ring from.

We stand behind our rings. If your ring breaks, just send us a message and we will send you a free replacement ring, no questions asked.


Wood Ring Care Instructions - 

✱ Avoid rough treatment of your ring (e.g. operating machinery, lifting weights, gardening, etc.).

✱ Your ring can withstand occasional hand washing, but avoid submersion for long periods of time. Remove your ring when bathing, swimming, etc.

✱ Do not expose it to harsh chemicals or detergents. Avoid all solvents.

✱ Your ring has been finished with our mixture of organic Jojoba oil and beeswax. The finish will give adequate protection, but may dry out over time. If you notice your ring looking dry and dull, you can simply reapply a similar oil/finish or rub some mineral on it.

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