The Story of Hart Wood Co.

My history with woodworking began back in 2002 when I created my then girlfriend, now wife, a hope chest for her 21st birthday. From there, I worked on honing my woodworking skills by making different types of furniture, such as end tables, shelves, bed frames, cabinets, etc. In 2006, after my nephew was born, my sister was looking for alternatives to the typical plastic toys and I was up for the challenge. I started making wooden toy phones, cars, trucks, planes and trains and Grow with the Grain was born. 

As time went on, my wife (Kerri) and I had a family of our own and woodworking took a backseat. As the kids (Henry - 10 and Will - 8) have become more independent over time, we have been able to successfully find a working balance. In fact, this is truly a family business - we all contribute in some way or another whether it's with creating, designing, or putting together items and/or getting the items packed and ready to be shipped!

Grow with the Grain evolved from making wood toys to finding our niche in wood jewelry and accessories. Hence, the need for a name change in 2017, to Hart Wood Co. People often ask us why we chose the name Hart Wood Co., well to be honest, we wanted to do Heart Wood, but that name was already taken! It might sound cliche, but our family really does put a lot of heart into each piece we make. 

I work with just about every wood type you can think of and I am always looking for more. I am inspired by the unique grain patterns and I like to showcase them in the most simplistic ways. I am full of the handmade spirit and I want to make everything! The engineer in me forces me to analyze every challenge until I find a solution. Hart Wood Co. will continue to grow as I am inspired by new challenges. 

Keep checking back in as we continue to add more items!

Bret Tarnowski

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